Sunday, February 18, 2018

Bellur Sunrise

Bellur has become my regular destination since 2012 after my teacher took us to Bellur for a workshop. Bellur has a special importance to Iyengar yogis as it is the birth place of Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar and Guruji had a vision to help the people of Bellur. He then formed a trust in the name of his parents Bellur Krishnamachar Seshamma Smaraka Nidhi Trust and expanded his services to help them. With the support he received from his students all over the World, he soon established a High School followed by a college imparting education up to Graduation, built up a Yoga Hall to teach yoga for health and well-being and a Hospital providing medical facilities to over 20 villages in the surroundings. 

I visited Bellur early this year for an Iyengar Yoga Workshop with Rita Keller. As my travel is mostly connected with Yoga, I again got some opportunity to explore few places in and around Bellur. I must thank Rita Keller for taking us to some important places around. 

So in the coming days you will be taken to a trip to some of those places through my blog. To start with I would like to bring you some of the beautiful images that I captured during my stay in Bellur.

We were allotted a dormitory above the Hospital which had a beautiful view of the surroundings. BKSSNT is surrounded by beautiful lush green fields and rocky hills all around. 

Look at the picture below. This is what we used to see the moment we step out of our door early in the morning around 6 A.M.
This hill view just in front of our dormitory always attracted us. Gaurav and even talked about trekking it; which didn't happened due to our busy schedule.
This is the view around 6-30 A.M. just before the Sun rising over the mountain.
I waited around 10 days to capture these moments of Sunrise. Finally my patience paid off. 
The Sun played hide and seek sometimes behind the clouds and sometimes fog coming under the way.
One more obstacle was the timing it was rising. It coincided with my class time. 
Finally, the Sun smiled in the most ecstatic way possible and my camera captured with full joy.
 No more talking. You just watch and enjoy some of these beautiful images.

Keep watching the space for more to come.